Cutting Kitchen Clutter

Ways to Cut Kitchen Clutter:

We’ve all done it. Walked into the kitchen with a million things in our hands and just placed them wherever it seemed fit. However, what we tend to not notice is the accumulation of stuff that piles up making your kitchen look messy and unorganized. The kitchen is more often than not the first room we see when we walk into a home. If it isn’t the first place we see, then it’s usually one of the first places we go. The kitchen is usually an open space with no doors, which means everyone is subjected to the clutter. Cutting clutter in your kitchen isn’t only good for your and your family’s sake, but for those unexpected guests that show up unannounced without giving you enough time to hide the evidence. Here are some ways to cut kitchen clutter.

1. Countertops are the number one place in the kitchen that house the most unnecessary items. Once you start placing stuff on the counters, it’s a never-ending cycle of clutter. The best way for cutting clutter on countertops is by adding a few more shelves onto the walls. With more shelves, you’ll have extra space for cups, dishes, jars, and other bulky items leaving your countertops free of chaos. For the smaller items such mail, keys, papers, calendars, and even herbs and spices, you can easily mount a wall organizer and a spice rack, which will make life a lot easier.

2. Organizing your pantry is a huge help when trying to de-clutter. Before you start to think of ways to expand your pantry, first clean it out and get rid of items that you don’t need or haven’t used in ages. The good thing about a pantry is having the extra space for canned goods, pastas, nut butters, oils, and potatoes, but having that extra space can also cause you to buy unnecessary food items that you don’t even need. After cleaning out your pantry, if you still find that your struggling with clutter, you can easily add pull out baskets or drawers to keep things more organized. You can also add an over-the-door organizer with clear pockets to your kitchen pantry so you can stash items in there, which not only helps with cutting clutter, but makes things easier to find.

3. Hanging towel racks and towel hooks on the wall next to the stove, or above your cabinets is a smart way to cut kitchen clutter. Most households have drawers to keep dish towels, pot holders, and hot pads in, but those drawers can get overfilled making it a struggle to even open. Not only does having a place to hang these items make life simpler, but also, you now have more drawer space in your kitchen to house other items.

Cutting clutter in the kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive or daunting task if you’re smart about it. A few simple changes here and there can go a long way. Just adding some shelves and wall organizers can save you from a messy kitchen. For more tips and tricks on cutting kitchen clutter, call Center Island Contracting, 631-465-9765.