Creating the Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams

The way you feel about the practicality of your kitchen will influence your overall feeling of functionality throughout your entire home. Yes, kitchens are a serious part of any home for most homeowners, and more importantly, for homebuyers. When preparing for a kitchen remodel, it is important to consider everything you need and want, as well as the projected costs. One of the most important things to consider when preparing for a kitchen remodel is the overall functionality of space. Here are some top layout picks for kitchen remodeling from general contractors.

The Galley Kitchen: A galley kitchen is the ideal design for a kitchen remodel if you want to maximize workspace, while having limited square footage. This shotgun-style kitchen maximizes counter space for working as well as cabinet space for storage. General contractors will warn you, though, that the biggest drawback is there is no space for a kitchen table.

The L-Shape Kitchen: this kitchen remodel layout offers privacy when cooking, since the L-shape usually features a wall that divides the entertaining room from the kitchen. If you would like to create a clear distinction between your kitchen and other areas of your home, consult with a general contractor about adding this design to your kitchen remodeling plans.

The Triangle Design: The triangle design, also known as the holy Trinity of any working kitchen, is designed for a practical and easy workstation. The three points of the kitchen are all conveniently located in the shape of a triangle; the range, sink and refrigerator.

The U-Kitchen Layout: This kitchen remodel layout provides massive counter and storage space, as well as great flexibility. The U-Design kitchen is the ultimate one-cook kitchen; the perfect workspace to spread out and create a culinary masterpiece.

Since kitchen remodeling is such an important aspect to your home’s overall functionality, it is important to consult with general contractors who listen to what is important to you. Center Island Contracting has been helping families carry out the kitchen remodel of their dreams for many years. For more information on planning your ideal kitchen remodel, call us at 631-465-9765.