7 Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Tips from Our General Contractors: Updating a New Home before Moving in

When moving into a new home, knowing where to start in the updating process may seem pretty overwhelming. It is important to have a plan when updating a new home. Here are seven tips from our general contractors on successfully updating a new home before you move in.

Change Your Exterior Door Locks: As soon as the closing on your new home is over, invest in the very affordable home improvement that brings added security: change your exterior door locks. Between keys belonging to the previous owners, maintenance workers and realtors, keeping the original set of locks could compromise your safety and security.

Paint the Ceilings & Walls: A fresh coat of paint goes a long way before moving into a new home. In addition, painting a ceiling is hard to do once a home is fully furnished, so your best bet is to paint it before moving in.

Service Your Home’s Cooling & Heating System: Now is the perfect time to have your home heating & cooling system maintained. While you are at it, there is no harm in having a trusted general contractor service or replace your home’s water heater, and install a whole-house generator.

Lay New Flooring: General contractors agree that the best time to add new flooring is before you move in and bring in all your furniture. This allows for fewer costs in labor as well, since workers do not have to move your furniture or belongings out of the way.

Install New Switch Plates & Electrical Wiring: Updating a new home’s electrical system is best performed before you actually move in. This way, general contractors and electricians can ensure that your electrical system is working properly before you move into your new home.

Install New Windows, Doors & Sealers: Before moving into a new home, add some energy efficiency right off the bat when you install new windows, doors and sealers. This allows you to maximize the benefits of your home’s newly-serviced heating and cooling system.

Install New Appliances: When you’re updating a new home in anticipation for your arrival, you want to make sure that all new appliances are already installed. No one wants to deal with the hassle of replacing a broken washer or dryer in the middle of doing laundry on moving day.

The general contractors of Center Island Contracting have worked with many of families before their move into a new home. For more information on how our general contractors can assist you in updating a new home before moving day, call us at 631-465-9765.