How to Make an Outdated House Look New Again in Franklin Square

If a full home renovation or new construction home isn’t in the budget, there are still ways to make an outdated home look new again.

There’s no need to move when you can renovate the home you know and love, in the neighborhood you’ve put down roots for many years. Whether it’s a small fix like updated fixtures, or a renovation project like replacing floors, there are many tweaks that can make your outdated home feel new and modern again.

Below are five suggestions for giving your home a facelift to restore that new home feeling again.


Painting can make some of the most outdated rooms feel new again, especially if a neutral color like white is used to make the space feel more open, airy and modern. New paint on the interior and exterior of the home can bring it up to date in a major way.

Update Fixtures

Updating fixtures might seem like a subtle change but dated fixtures can contribute to an overall outdated interior look. When kitchen, bathroom and bedroom hardware or light fixtures are updated, the house will start to feel newer.

Add Light

Adding both natural and artificial light to a dark room can make any space more inviting and fresh. This is an inexpensive way to update your home, with the added bonus of making it feel larger.

Refinish or Replace Floors

Refinishing and staining or replacing your floors altogether can bring an entire space up to date. Whether you choose to do a few rooms or the whole house, redoing the floors breathes new life into the home.

Exterior Makeover

Modernizing the exterior of the home gives the whole house a new look and a boost of curb appeal. Small changes like a new door or updated lighting, in addition to larger changes like new exterior paint and landscaping can all contribute to making your home look new again.

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