5 Eco-Friendly Home Building Ideas

Going green has become much more mainstream in recent years, especially when building a new home. Homeowners have been making the effort to update their older homes with more eco-friendly features, but when given the opportunity to start from scratch with a new build, it’s much easier to incorporate these features.

Building an eco-friendly home has become more affordable over the years due to builders having more experience with it and materials becoming easier to get, so the common misconception that building a green home is out of budget can be thrown out the window.

Even if building green is a bit more expensive, it’s an investment that will pay for itself in the long-term. Below are eco-friendly home building ideas to consider when undergoing your new home construction project.

Solar Energy

Building new provides a leg up on homeowners with older homes when it comes to utilizing solar energy. Planning for the maximum amount of energy consumption from the sun is possible with a new construction home. Where the solar panels are placed in combination with where your home is located on your lot can impact your home’s amount of solar energy use.

Smart Products

Smart products such as smart thermostats can improve energy efficiency in your home by allowing you to better control your HVAC system. For example, they’re connected to your Wi-Fi so you can manage it from anywhere. In addition, they can learn your schedule to cut back on unneeded heating and cooling.

Build Smaller

A smaller footprint can have a smaller environmental impact. Reduced energy efficiency and less maintenance costs are just a few benefits to building a smaller home. No matter how eco-friendly a large home is built, it will still take more from the environment than a smaller home would.

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable building materials such as recycled wood and recycled materials for insulation can make an impact on the environment. Using green materials can also reduce the risk of emitting air pollutants.

Intentional Landscaping

Eco-friendly landscape planning can have a greater impact on the environment than you think. Design your new home to take full advantage of the land it’s located on for less maintenance, reduced water use and to provide for wildlife living on your property.

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