How to Heat up Your Outdoor Living Space for Chilly Fall Nights in Dix Hills

When the weather turns cooler and the leaves start changing colors, it’s easy to accept summer is over and move the entertaining and hangout space indoors again. However, with a few changes, you can heat up your outdoor living space and use it as a year-round extension of your home’s livable square footage, turning it into your family’s most used living area. Outdoor living season doesn’t have to be confined to just spring and summer! Extend it all throughout (or most) of the year with the following tips.

Heated Deck

There are a few options to choose from for heated decking, including heating mats, mounted deck/patio heaters or installing electric radiant strip heaters. Portable space heaters will do the same job and can heat a large area. Choosing a deck heater will depend on many factors, such as the size of your deck and whether you want portable heating or built-in deck heating.

Fire Features

Fire features are another good option for heating up your outdoor living space and come in many different varieties. For example, fire features can range from fire pits, outdoor fire places, fire tables, chimineas, fire columns and fire bowls. After choosing the fire feature that’s best for your family from an style standpoint, enjoy the ability to cozy up on chilly fall nights without shivering.

Warm Throw Blankets

Providing warm throw blankets is the easiest fix for chilly evenings spent in your outdoor living space. This one requires no remodel or investment, other than the blankets themselves. Keep those warm throws in handy when those temperatures start to drop, then use them to cuddle up next to the ones you love most.

Heated Furniture

Heated furniture might be somewhat of an investment, but if your family prioritizes extending the outdoor living area season then it might be the best way to go. Find an outdoor couch that can plug into an outdoor outlet to provide much needed heat during those cold autumn nights.

Enclose It

Enclosing your outdoor living space can make your indoor-outdoor spaces flow nicely and give your family the ability to use the outdoor space much for much longer after summer comes to an end. Enclose your porch or patio and furnish the outdoor space like you would an indoor living room to create an inviting outdoor space to use whenever you want, no matter how much the temperature drops outside.


Extending your living space outdoors has become more than just trendy. It has become a lifestyle. Everyone has space in their back yard which can act as a sanctuary: whether it’s a 2×2 space or 3 acres, the importance of that space is the same. Contact our experts at Center Island Contracting about remodeling your outdoor living space in Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, or any town on the north shore of Long Island.