7 Stylish and Functional Entryway Ideas that Make a First Impression to Remember

The entryway is the first part of the interior of your home that your guests see, so it’s where their immediate first impression is made. The entryway is where you can set the tone and style of your home to those who enter it, so how will you make that first impression?  Below are 7 stylish and functional entryway ideas that make a first impression to remember.


Lighting sets the mood for any space, but your entryway lighting needs even more attention. Choose a pendant light, chandelier or table lamp that provides enough light for you to see where you’re going when you enter the house, while being stylish at the same time.

Table with Storage

Make sure to choose an entryway table that has enough storage for the things you need to keep in the entryway, such as keys, mail, shoes, brief cases, backpacks and purses. Strike a balance between a table that you love and one that has enough shelves or drawers to fit everything you need on your way in or out the door each day.


For easy access, makes sure there’s enough space for hooks to place jackets for the whole family in your entryway. On those busy mornings when you’re trying to get out the door, you will be thankful your jacket is hanging right there for you to grab. There are plenty of varieties of stylish hooks out there, so you can be both trendy and practical.


Allow your artwork to set the tone for your family’s personal interior design style. It’s nice to have a piece of artwork displayed in your entryway to show off your great taste in a welcoming way.

Large Mirror

Large mirrors can make your entryway appear bigger, not to mention they’re a lifesaver when you need to check your hair, makeup or outfit one last time before leaving the house. The style of your accent mirror can show off your personal style, too.

Inviting Rug

A warm and inviting rug can warm up the space, which provides a welcoming and homey feeling for your guests to walk into. Have some fun with it by taking a design risk with a bold color or play around with different textures to create a foyer that gives a first impression you can be proud of.

Decorative Accents

Decorate accents can allow for your style to shine through in your entryway. It can also create a sense of peace and tranquility when you walk into the door each day, knowing you’re finally at home and in the space you created for your family.

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