Home Interior Design Trends That Are Out For 2021

Home design trends come and go. It’s a fact of life that many homeowners pay close attention to.

The year 2021 signifies new beginnings for many, and our home interior design is a reflection of that. With that said, it’s time to take inventory of design trends to consider leaving behind now that we’ve turned a new page and entered a new year. There comes a time where home design trends start to look dated, and the items on our list are starting to feel that way.

Below are home design trends that we will start to see less of in 2021. Out with the old, in with the new!


Shiplap was a nice way to bring texture into a room, but it seems this trend is starting to overstay its welcome. There are plenty of other ways to liven up the walls of a room, with the shiplap trend starting to fade its way into the 2010’s.

Gray Kitchens

Gray kitchens were a big interior design trend up until recently. We will likely see this trend go away for the most part in the year 2021. Gray cabinets and walls were chosen by homeowners looking to keep their kitchen neutral but avoid going all white, but it seems different colors are making their way into the kitchen design scene.

Accent Walls

Accent walls featuring one wall in a room providing a pop of drastically different color seem to be on their way out for 2021. An accent wall can be painted or feature a wallpaper design, which is starting to be considered more distracting than tasteful to some.

All White

The all white trend will likely never fully go away, but there’s been much less of an emphasis on it for 2021. In the past several years we’ve seen white featured strongly in kitchens, and as the star paint color in the rest of the home. Homeowners might start to steer towards more color in 2021.

Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are another rustic trend we will be seeing less of in 2021. Just like shiplap, barn doors exploded on the interior design scene when the modern farmhouse trend exploded. However, French or pocket doors could replace them in popularity moving forward.

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