High Value Bathroom Remodel Upgrades That Will Pay Off

Bathrooms should be a calming oasis in your home. It’s often where you start your day, showering and preparing for a new day ahead, then where end your day, washing up and reflecting on everything that happened at work that day.

For this reason, homeowners are usually eager to spend money renovating their bathrooms. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or a newly-remodeled bathroom is on your wish list, bathrooms are popular rooms to renovate.

No matter the size of your bathroom, we understand it’s sometimes the only room in the house where you can be alone. Center Island Contracting will work with you to create your own relaxing bathroom retreat.

Below are high value bathroom remodel upgrades that will pay off.

Built-In Storage

Most bathrooms lack in storage. Having customized built-in storage for your bathroom is one of the most functional upgrades you can make to your bathroom. This upgrade will pay off in the end because other home buyers are looking for the same.

Luxury Shower

Luxury showers are in high demand and are great for resale value. Walk-in showers come in various shapes to fit the layout of your bathroom. Walk-in showers can fit into most bathroom corners, in shapes like rectangular, curved and square. Doorless showers, frameless and steam showers are just a few examples of luxury showers to invest in.

Replace the Tub

Replace your tub with a standalone soaker tub for the ultimate luxurious bathroom. Replacing your dated tub with a luxury tub will pay off, and it will make your bathroom feel more like a luxury spa.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting upgrades will transform your bathroom and pay off in the long run. Upgraded lighting not only brightens up the space but adds a certain ambiance to your bathroom. Some lighting upgrades, like LED lights, can even save money on your energy bill.

New Tile

New tile can take your bathroom remodel to new heights. Replace tile in the shower, tub, and walls for a wow factor that will attract home buyers. Get creative with your tile choices by choosing a design that fits with the overall design scheme of the bathroom, with many colors and materials to choose from.

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