Here’s Why You Should Start your New Construction in the Fall

While it should be noted that the best time of year to start a new construction home is when your family is ready for it, there’s also no denying that certain seasons of the year encourage better conditions for home construction.

If building your new home in the fall is in the cards, we believe you’ve hit the jackpot on the time of year to start home construction. As experienced Long Island builders, we have completed enough home projects to know that fall provides many advantages to homeowners about to embark on new construction homes.

Here’s why you should start your new construction home in the fall.

Optimal Weather Conditions

The blazing heat of the summer is behind us, while the freezing days of winter are ahead of us. This results in the perfect time of year in terms of weather. The temperatures will have dropped from summer, but they are a comfortable and cool temperature that promotes maximum productivity for your builders.

Labor and Material Prices Might Drop

The cost of labor and materials in the fall could drop due to less demand in home remodeling services compared to the summer. Typically the fall is a less expensive time of year to renovate. The height of home remodeling season is now over and the lower demand could stretch your budget further.

Improved Timeline

With less demand for home construction comes an improved timeline to get your new home completed. Since there are less home remodeling projects to juggle in the fall, there are less road bumps to overcome and your home’s construction timeline becomes more accurate.


Center Island Contracting will help obtain the building permits needed to start your new construction process. Obtaining these permits is critical in starting your new build and the fall is an easier time to acquire them because of the lower demand.

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