6 Ways to Build a House with Natural Air Ventilation in New Hyde Park

Boosting natural air ventilation in your new construction home brings many advantages to homeowners, benefitting both the environment and the home’s overall systems.

Building a custom home with this in mind will help keep your home cooler naturally in the warmer months of the year, without as much reliance on cooling systems.

If achieving more natural air ventilation is a priority for your family, read on for 6 ways to build a home with natural air ventilation on Long Island.

Strategically Place Windows and Doors

Strategically place your new home’s windows and doors based on the climate and site orientation of the home. Take advantage of cool breezes that take place during different times of day and locations by building your new home with carefully planned windows and doors.

Type of Windows

Types of windows are another factor to consider to boost air flow within the home. Certain window types can direct or prevent air flow, for example casement windows can hinge inward or outward and boost air flow inside the home. When the air is cool at night, having the ability to open up windows can cool down the home naturally.

More Cross-Ventilation Openings

Building your home with more cross-ventilation openings will boost air circulation and ventilation. Giving the rooms in your home more of an opportunity to allow for more air flow is the concept here, placing window openings on adjacent sides of the room for cross-ventilation.

Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces like balconies and porches will promote airflow. By incorporating these features into your new construction home’s design, air quality will improve, and energy bills might decrease.

Low Heat-Absorbing Ground Materials

Using low heat-absorbing ground materials on the perimeter of the home will direct the cool air inside of the home. Grass is a good example of a ground covering that won’t retain as much heat. Materials like stone will retain heat.

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