Grill Maintenance Checklist Before Kicking Off Summer BBQs

One of the best parts about summer is spending the evening cooking outside with friends and family. Grills get a lot more use during the summer months, so before summer gets into full swing, it’s best to run through a maintenance checklist to ensure your summer BBQs go off without any issues. Below are some tips for maintaining your gas grill this summer, to enjoy fully cooked meats and vegetables.

Stock the Propane

There’s nothing worse than running out of gas mid-grill. Make sure this doesn’t happen by being prepared with a back-up propane tank or two. Before the summer starts, stock up on propane and check gas levels often so you’re prepared to change the tank out when necessary.

Keep it Covered

Keep your grill covered and protected from the elements. The best covers are made of canvas and vinyl, which will protect your grill best from weather like rain and excess wind. If your grill is uncovered when not in use, there’s a good chance it will rust.

Burn Off Grease

At the start of every grilling season, take the time to burn off any grease you might’ve missed from the last season. It’s also a good idea to clean the grease traps often throughout grilling season, which tend to collect build-up that could ignite a fire if not cleaned out properly.

  1. Brush the grates for any build-up you might’ve missed during normal scrubbing before and after grilling
  2. Take the grates out and scrub the bottom as well
  3. Take out the burner protectors to give them a good wash, then wipe any grime residue from the burners
  4. Use grill brush to scrub off the plates underneath your burners
  5. Towel dry the grill and get cooking!

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