6 Tips to Improve Any Home Outdoor Space

During the spring and summer, home outdoor spaces become the focal point of homes. It’s where we can enjoy our morning coffee, eat meals, swim, take in the fresh air and live a more relaxed everyday life. Make sure your home outdoor space is the best is can be by the time summer rolls around by following these 6 tips to improve any home outdoor space.

Focus on Comfort

Because of the amount of time spent outside during summer, focusing on comfort is key. Adding large pillows and comfortable cushions to your outdoor furniture is a must. The cushions should be made for outdoor furniture, so don’t buy just any cushions. They need to be able to withstand rain storms and other harsh weather conditions. Other comfortable accents to add are carpets and plush throws.

Install Proper Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting sets the mood and tone for your outdoor living space. Use uplighting to distinguish focal points like trees, add lights to walking paths, and add sconces to provide enough light for grilling and other outdoor activities.

Fire Pit

Think relaxation, warmth and s’mores. A fire pit is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, and it’s great for the resale value of your home once you’re ready to sell. Don’t want to spend the extra money? There are ways to DIY fire pits.

Protection from the Elements

Although outdoor spaces are meant to soak in the nice weather that spring and summer provide, having a structure in place to protect from the elements is practical. Add a pergola, canopy or any structure that will protect from bugs and less than desirable weather.

Repaint the Deck

Give your deck a makeover by repainting it before summer starts. This will give your outdoor face a cleaner look and will have guests wondering what you did to the space to make it look updated.


The most important aspect of improving any outdoor space is functionality. Make it easy to move from each portion of your outdoor space to another by setting up clear walking paths. Other tips for functionality are boosting your wi-fi range to enjoy streaming music or working on your laptop outside, creating a kid-friendly space, adding weatherproof flooring like stone tile and making it feel like an extended living room.

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