Eco-Friendly Building Materials for a Green Home

Green living has become more of a priority to homeowners and our individual environmental impact is something most of us are paying attention to. With that said, using sustainable, eco-friendly building materials is something homeowners are seeking, and Center Island Contracting is at the forefront of this demand. If you’re in the market to build a new construction home, below are some eco-friendly building materials to incorporate into your building plans.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood that has been reclaimed from previous structures is a sustainable material to use on either a new build or a remodeling project, since it would otherwise go to waste. Using reclaimed wood is the ultimate way to recycle and can be used for various purposes, such as flooring, siding, or structural framing.


Bamboo is one of the top eco-friendly building materials to use, mostly because it grows so fast. Bamboo never has to be replanted, it will grow forever and since it’s lightweight, it’s easy to transport. However, don’t let its weight fool you; it’s one of the most durable building materials out there.


Cork is similar to bamboo in that it’s fast growing, which makes it a sustainable building material. It’s also very durable, fire resistant and doesn’t absorb water. Cork is usually used in flooring or for insulation, but a drawback is that it only grows in the Mediterranean so shipping costs can add up.


Ferrock is a lesser known building material, and a good alternative to concrete. It’s actually stronger than concrete and carbon-negative. Ferrock is made out of steel dust left over from industrial processes that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. It was created by PhD student David Stone, but the cost and availability of this material is yet to be determined.

Locally Sourced

It’s important to keep in mind that any material that’s locally sourced can be considered an eco-friendly building material. One portion of being considered a sustainable building material is that the material is readily available and doesn’t have to travel far.


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