6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer Entertaining in Port Washington

Summertime is the ultimate time of year for entertaining, especially outdoors. When the sun goes down at night, the outdoor lights come on and set the ambiance for summer evenings spent with family and friends to remember for years to come. Whether entertaining guests for a dinner party, night swim, casual BBQ or cocktail party, below are six suggestions on outdoor lighting ideas for summer entertaining.


Lanterns come in a variety of sizes and styles and if you get bored of them, they’re easy to move around. The light source to put inside the lanterns is up to you; you can choose between candles, LED lights, a large lightbulb and more. Paper lanterns are a less expensive option.

String Lights

Drape your string lights from one end of your outdoor living space to the other and you have an easy fix for outdoor lighting. String lights look festive and come in many different styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits in with your outdoor entertaining style.

LED Strips

Brighten up your outdoor living space with strips of LED lights. Place them along stairways, under furniture, along the outer rim of the pool or along the top of your pergola to give your outdoor space the light it needs while looking stylish at the same time.

Outdoor Chandelier

Adding an outdoor chandelier or pendent light above your outdoor dining table can add sophistication to your outdoor living space. The extra light will help illuminate the table so your guests can see what they’re eating and drinking when your dinner parties linger after the sun goes down.


Good old-fashioned candles will never go out of style and can do wonders to light up your outdoor living space. Candles in all shapes and sizes can brighten up your outdoor living space and set a romantic ambiance for the backyard.

Path Lights

Path lights pull double duty for safety and style, serving as a guide for your guests walking around your property at night. Line each walkway with lighting fixtures of your choice to provide safe lighting for walkways, landscape edges and boost the outdoor ambiance.


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