Creating Your Own Move-in-Ready Home

If you are moving on Long Island, you already know how frustrating it can be to find a turnkey or move-in-ready home. In fact, more often than not, home buyers do not consider the possibility of finding a home with everything they want and need already built in. If you are looking for a move-in-ready home, here are some reasons why it may benefit you to consider building your own home.

Design – Design is the most obvious benefit of building a home from the ground up: it allows every detail you add to your home to fit your exact must-have list. When building your own home, you have the ability to discuss your needs and wants with a licensed general contractor who can design the exact home you desire.

Location – You can really have it all – design and location – when you are building your own home. It is common when looking at pre-existing homes and especially for those moving to Roslyn, New York that buyers find the home they want, just not in the community that they wish to live in. More often than not, home buyers end up sacrificing location to find a home that already has more of the items on their must-have list. When searching for the right move-in-ready home for you, do not forget to consider building a home from the ground up.

Repairs & Updates – Finding a move-in-ready home that does not require some updates or repairs is unheard of, in most cases. One of the biggest benefits of building a home as opposed to purchasing a home, is that everything is new, so you do not have to plan for costly repairs or last minute updates to suit your style. Homes that may pass inspection today, do not guarantee that costly repairs such as electrical, plumbing or roofing will not need updating sometime in the near future.

Energy Efficiency – When moving to the North Shore area of New York, you may find that older homes do not have the up-to-date, energy-efficient upgrades you desire. Not only do energy-efficient homes help reduce our carbon footprint, but they also prove to be highly cost-effective for homeowners. When building a home, a general contractor can add beneficial, energy-saving upgrades to your home that will help you save money and energy.

Moving to Roslyn, New York or to Long Island’s North Shore is a thrilling experience, and we want to see your homeownership dreams come true! This is why Center Island Contracting provides homebuyers with the opportunity to build their dream home in the most desirable areas of Long Island. When it comes to the benefits of building a new home, it’s a sensible approach to making sure the home you purchase today, will still be the home you love tomorrow. The general contractor staff of Center Island Contracting has years of experience in home building, so contact us today at 631-465-9765, and let’s get started on building your dream home.