Chew on These 4 Ideas before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Chew on These 4 Ideas before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your entire home. The way you feel about your kitchen’s practicality will either make or break your feelings about the overall functionality of your house. Yes, kitchens are that important for most homeowners, and more importantly, home buyers. Here are four ideas to strongly consider before you start dishing out a kitchen remodel.

Take a long hard look at your current kitchen:  In order to truly know how you could benefit from a kitchen remodel, you first need to identify what does not work about your current kitchen. Surely, there must be some positive attributes to your current kitchen. Take some time to explore what works for you in your kitchen’s current layout and what does not; this gives you a great starting point for your kitchen remodel.

Keep ergonomics in mind:  Kitchens are meant to provide functionality, as well as style. Consider ergonomics when planning your kitchen remodel. Some ergonomic considerations for your kitchen update may include drawers or pull-out shelves in cabinets, countertop heights that are adjustable for multiple users, a wall oven or free-standing range. Ergonomics can really enhance your kitchen remodel.

Layout and traffic patterns:  These are two big considerations to any kitchen remodel. For instance, are you a big entertainer? If so, an open kitchen concept may appeal to you, so you can interact with your guests while you are cooking. Considering traffic patterns is equally as important as considering layout patterns. If your kitchen is the center hub to a high traffic area in your home, adding a huge island in the center of your kitchen may lead to additional frustrations, in terms of practicality.

Get everything you need before you start:  Plan your project down to the light fixtures and nails. A general contractor can help you make accurate bids on materials and ensure everything will be ready to go on the date your kitchen update is scheduled to begin.

When planning your kitchen remodel, you want to be sure that you are optimizing the functionality of the most important room in your home. Center Island Contracting is among the top general contractors in the New York area, and has successfully completed many, many kitchen remodels. For more information on how we can assist you on your kitchen update, call 631-465-9765.