Create More Space for Your Family with Long Island Dormers

There are a variety of home additions that can enhance both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. Whether you need dormers, extensions, home additions, or an interior remodel, we are ready to provide you with a complete design, consistent with your home’s existing architecture. If you’re leaning in the direction of a dormer, it’s a great way to add more space to your existing structure and provide more usable square footage in a cramped space.

Dormers come in many shapes and sizes and a dormer addition allows for many different space-saving options. When thinking about how to make a dormer work for you, consider what elements are most important for your living environment. Do you need an extra bedroom? Perhaps a home office? Some people choose to add a dormer to their second level to add an extra bathroom. A dormer can provide this extra room for your family for a lower cost than adding on to the house. You’re not undergoing a full out renovation when adding a dormer, thus avoiding potential issues homeowners can run into during a remodel.

The investment of a dormer can increase the value of your home. When creating an extra room upstairs with a dormer, it frees up more space downstairs for whatever you choose. Keep in mind a larger living area downstairs might be more attractive to a potential buyer down the line.

Although adding a dormer is a less extensive home renovation, leave enough room in your renovation timeline to obtain permits. Center Island Contracting can take care of that process for you, but it will take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. With that said, we will set realistic time frames for your home remodeling project.

Talk to one of our qualified professionals about the different types of dormers – Eyebrow, Gable/Doghouse, Shed, Hipped Dormer, etc. – in order to decide which is best for your home’s structure.

Our qualified professional home remodeling team can assist you in accomplishing every home improvement task, from small home remodeling projects to historical home extensions! For more information on how we can help you with your home additions, email us or call (631) 465-9765.