Clever Ways to Sneak in More Storage in Your New Construction Home

Renovating or building new presents the perfect opportunity to add in much needed storage space to your new home. We can never have too much storage, especially with larger or extended families.

Adding storage doesn’t have to compromise your vision for design, either. Talk to the design experts at Center Island Contracting about incorporating as much storage as possible into your newly remodeled or new construction home.

Keep your home free of clutter and give all your items a much-needed home of their own with these tips for sneaking in more storage into your new home.

Storage Shed

This is technically outside, but a storage shed in the backyard can store a lot of larger home items that there’s no space inside or in the garage for.

Entryway Storage Console

Bonus storage can be found in functional furniture pieces like entryway storage consoles. These entryway consoles also have hooks that store your winter coats, backpacks, brief cases and more, acting as a landing area for items that get most frequently used.

Garage Organization

Garage organization such as work benches with drawers, wall hooks or built-in cabinets can keep your garage neat and tidy while providing storage solutions for the room that seems to accumulate the most items.

Below the Stairs

Storage under the stairs is a great place for extra storage space. Use this unutilized space to your advantage with pull out drawers or a hidden closet.

Built-In Shelving

Built-in, customized shelving will not only look nice, but it will keep your stored home items organized and hidden. Talk to our home design experts to find unused wall space in any rooms in your new home for custom shelving units.

Under Beds

Put the space underneath your bed to good use with some pull-out storage drawers. City dwellers know the struggle of lack of space all too well, but this trick can be used in single-family homes as well. A pro tip is to store seasonal clothing items under the bed to save space in your closet.

Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers will keep everything neat while optimizing the amount of storage space you have. Using drawer dividers in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms or dining room will help you fit the most items possible.

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