3 Best Cost Savings Tricks to Any Home Remodel

When undergoing a home remodel, setting a budget from the start will help prevent overspending. With this established budget, it’s important to plan out where to spend and where to save on your home remodeling project.

The contracting experts at Center Island Contracting know exactly where to make these carefully planned out decisions to keep your budget on track. Our expertise is to design, renovate, improve and build new homes that are customers can enjoy for generations to come, on time and within budget.

If you’re embarking on a home remodeling project this year, here are 3 cost savings tricks for your home remodel.

Repurpose and Reuse

Repurposing and reusing materials is a great way to save money on your remodel. If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets, don’t throw out your existing cabinets. Reuse them in another part of the house for storage, in a home office or even laundry room. Repurposing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a great way to save too, simply sand and paint your desired new color and add new fixtures. Same goes for flooring; if you already have wood floors but want to make them look new again, repurpose them by sanding and staining them a new color.

Choose Generic Over Name Brand

Many generic brands will provide the same look as name brands. Going generic is a great cost savings tip for any home remodel project, allowing you the same design freedom at a fraction of the price as name brand appliances, paint brands, you name it.

Expensive Materials for Smallest Square Footage

Another great cost savings tip for any home remodeling project is to use the more expensive materials for the smallest square footage in your remodeling project, and the least expensive materials for larger square footage. This will give you a nice mix of higher end materials with materials that offer a cost savings alternative.

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