Advantages of Renovating Before Moving In

Buying a new home is one of the most rewarding and exciting new beginnings to embark upon, but if your new house needs some renovations done it can stir up some questions on how to proceed. In your giddy excitement, should you move your family in right away and wait to undergo renovations, or should you renovate before moving in?

The contracting experts at Center Island Contracting believe renovating before moving in is the way to go. Renovating while the house is vacant is a much easier process for all involved as long as you’re able to easily find somewhere to live during renovations.

Quicker Completion Time

Without a strict schedule to accommodate your family coming and going, a quicker completion time can be achieved. The renovation schedule can focus on the remodel instead of making everyday life easier for your family to deal with the inconvenience of the work that’s being done. The quicker the home remodel is done, the quicker your family can move in.

No Excuse to Stall More

If your family decides to wait on the remodel and move in right away, you run the risk of delaying the work being done for months or even years. Families can get comfortable and decide to stall the renovations, especially if the renovations are cosmetic and aren’t mandatory to complete right away for safety or structural reasons.

Escape Stresses of Living in a Remodel

One of the main reasons to renovate before moving is to bypass the uncomfortable living situation you would be putting your family in. Removing your family out of a potentially noisy, dusty and busy renovation environment might be what’s best.

Kids Won’t Be Affected

If your kids have allergies, trouble dealing with stress or need a stable home base to come home to, renovating while living in the home isn’t recommended. Getting the renovations done before moving in means your kids won’t be affected by the headaches a renovation can bring.

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