3 Ways You Can Save When Remodeling

3 Ways You Can Save When Remodeling 

Home renovations can easily get pricey, so figuring out ways to save is something worth looking into. It is possible to obtain your dream remodel with a budget you can afford; you just have to be strategic about it. Find out ways to cut corners, saving a bit if money here and there until all the puzzle pieces fit together to create a budget that’s reasonable for your family.

Center Island Contracting understands how important it is to stay within budget, so we will work with you to save where we can. Saving on a home remodel project doesn’t have to mean cheaping out either, it just means we will come up with a calculated budget ahead of time and stick to it throughout the remodel process.

Below are 3 major ways to save while remodeling, which will keep more cash in your pocket in the short-term and pay off in the long-term with your return on investment, too.

Salvage What You Can

In order to cut corners, reuse any materials you possibly can. For example, if undergoing a kitchen remodel, repainting or refacing cabinet doors instead of completely replacing the cabinets can save quite a lot of money. In addition, repurposing a bathroom vanity can give your bathroom a whole new look without buying brand new. Replacing these larger ticket items tends to eat up the majority of your remodel budget.

Allow for a Budget Cushion

Planning ahead of time and sticking to a strict budget will save you money in the long-run, but so will allowing for a budget cushion. When it comes to remodeling projects, unexpected setbacks are inevitable. Our recommendation is to set aside 10% of your overall budget as a backup for when something goes wrong, so that the extra expense won’t take you over budget. If you end veering off budget by less than the 10%, consider yourself lucky!

Mix High and Low End Finishes/Materials

Make the decision ahead of time about finishes, appliances, or add-ons you want to splurge on in the home remodel, then compensate for that higher cost by going lower end in other areas of the home renovation. This mixture of high and low has to be an even balance, though. It can’t look like you spent your whole budget on marble countertops only to leave your outdated flooring untouched.

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