8 Bathroom Updates that Won’t Break the Bank

These affordable bathroom makeover ideas can be completed in a matter of days and will give your home the refreshed look you’re craving. Whether it’s a master bathroom, guest bathroom or the powder room, here are eight bathroom updates that will refresh your space and won’t break the bank. Contact us to let our qualified staff handle your bathroom remodeling project and create a calming oasis within your home.

New Paint or Wallpaper

A paint coat in a new color or a patterned wallpaper will add a nice update to your bathroom that’s affordable and easy to do. The same goes for switching out the paint color on a vanity or cabinets.

Touch of Glam

Adding a touch of glam is an affordable way to update and refresh any bathroom or powder room, simply by buying and hanging a dramatic mirror or any other wall accent. Consider switching out your towel bars and finding a new set of decorative towels to hang for an extra pop.

Flea Market Finds

Flea market finds are affordable and can transform your bathroom from dated and dreary to rustic and chic. Finding a table and restoring it can make for a great vanity, just be sure to protect it with a few coats of polyurethane if it’s wood.

New Light Fixture

It’s shocking how much simply switching out your old light fixtures to updated, modern light fixtures can refresh your bathroom or powder room. Look for new wall sconces as well for a subtle yet up-to-date change.

Add Texture to Walls

For an affordable way to update your bathroom without having to undergo a home renovation, consider installing beaded board panels. Opting for panels is more cost effective and easier to install than individual boards and it looks the same.

Handheld Sprayer

Add some convenience to your bathroom routine by installing a handheld sprayer, which will make it easy to both wash your hair and clean the tub.

Rain-Style Shower Head

Give your shower a spa feel by getting a rain-style shower head, which looks better than a standard shower head and kicks your shower experience up a notch.

Patterned Rugs or Shower Curtains

Switching out your old, boring rugs or shower curtains is probably the quickest and most affordable fix when in need of a bathroom makeover. Find a print or color that’s completely different than what you had before and it will feel like a whole new bathroom.

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