6 Landscape Tips for Fall to Boost Curb Appeal

Just because the alluring colors of fall trees are returning to our yards, doesn’t mean we can slack on maintaining the rest of the yard. The landscape design still needs to look clean and polished while the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and showcasing fall foliage and the rich, vibrant colors of autumn is what this season is all about. The following are six tips to keep up with your landscape design this fall to boost curb appeal and stand out from your neighbors.

Lawn Maintenance

Mow the lawn until you can’t anymore and keep up with raking the leaves regularly for a pristine yard that showcases the changing colors in the leaves. Nothing screams curb appeal like a clean and polished front lawn.

Coordinate Outdoor Furniture with Foliage

Coordinate outside furniture such as benches or porch chairs with the fall foliage to create a cohesive look. Look for furniture in shades of deep reds, oranges and browns to complement the trees and their changing leaves.

Test Soil

For a healthy lawn, test the soil to determine pH and nutrient availability or you’re essentially wasting your time applying grass seed. Sending in a soil sample to a professional will only cost around $15.

Show Driveway and Walkway Some Love

The driveway and walkway are an extension of the front lawn, which is the focal point of the exterior of the home. Before the end of November, fill in cracks in the asphalt or concrete before water has a chance to creep into them and freeze.

Water Evergreens

If there’s been a shortage of rain, your evergreens need some TLC before winter arrives. This fall, make sure to sufficiently water your evergreens to prevent dehydration during the winter.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Prune the trees and shrubs in your yard, with the exception of flowering plants like hydrangeas and lilacs, before the winter comes to avoid damage from snow storms. This will ensure your trees and shrubs will look good the following spring.

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