6 Ways to Make your New Construction Home More Energy Efficient

When building a new home with energy efficiency as a top priority, it might be difficult to figure out where to begin. We know investing in smart technology is beneficial, but how can we build a home that maximizes energy efficiency in its design?

Having an energy efficient home is good for the environment and costs less to maintain. When building a custom home with Center Island Contracting, we can discuss ways to build the most energy efficient home possible by implementing the following features.

Home Placement

The way your new build is placed on your lot can maximize the home’s energy efficiency. The way bedrooms are positioned relative to the sun can contribute to energy savings. For example, east-facing rooms will be cool at night and warm during the day.


The smaller the size of your home, the less its carbon footprint. Larger homes require more energy to heat and cool, so scaling back on the size of your new build can help to conserve resources.

Insulated Doors and Windows

Properly insulated doors and windows will make heating and cooling more efficient by keeping the warm or cool air inside. Insulated doors and windows will also contribute towards a quieter and more comfortable home to live in.

Construction Materials

Choose eco-friendly building materials like locally sourced materials, reclaimed wood and bamboo for a reduced carbon footprint. Using structural insulated panels can save in energy costs, while straw bales can reduce extreme hot or cold temperatures inside the home because of their insulation properties.

Cool Roof

Cool roofs do their part to maximize your home’s energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight away from the home rather than absorbing it. Cool roofs have highly reflective tiles or shingles, paint or sheet coverings.

Go Solar

Going solar is gaining popularity in ways homeowners are building energy efficient homes. Solar provides renewable energy, reducing the use of fossil fuel. By using the sun as an energy source, your home’s energy bill will drastically decrease.

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