6 Steps Before Moving to Your New Long Island Home

Moving to Long Island? You picked a great location. Once you’re all settled in, you will love your new home! Nevertheless, the moving process is always tough, no matter where you move, especially if you’re moving from the west coast to the east coast. There are so many factors that go into moving and starting your life somewhere new, and the first order of business is getting your new home in tip-top shape. Below is a guide to follow before moving into your new Long Island home, so that your only worry after moving in is where to find the best pizza parlor.

Energy Audit

An energy audit will help determine what needs to be done to make your electric devices run as efficiently as possible, without wasting energy or money. Any issues identified in the energy audit that need attention can chop off a good portion of your yearly energy bills.

Steam Clean Carpets

By getting the carpets professionally cleaned before you move in, you can start off your home life in your new Long Island home with a fresh – and clean – start. Either hire a professional or rent a steam cleaner to do it yourself; either way you’ll be happy you did it.

Bug Removal

For peace of mind, it’s best to do a full sweep of any critters that might live in your new home. Give them the boot before you move into your new Long Island home by hiring a pest removal service or setting up poison traps.

Connect Internet

To have one less thing on your to-do list upon moving in, call your service provider and set up your internet connection before you move. Since providers are typically booked for weeks, schedule your appointment for them to come out a few weeks in advance. Think about how frustrating it can be to move into a house and have no internet for a few days, and let that be your incentive.

Change Address

Notifying friends and family, the post office and all the necessary government offices of your new address will save a lot of hassle when it comes to mail and important documents. It’s best to do this ahead of time to make your move to Long Island as seamless as possible.

Change the Locks

To ensure you know exactly who has the keys to your home, change the locks to the new house right away. This way you can go to sleep at night knowing every person who has access to your home. Make sure to get a set of spare keys made just in case you misplace your set in all the moving chaos.

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