Outdoor Living At Its Finest: How to Use Your Outdoor Space to its Full Potential

‘Tis the season for outdoor BBQs and pool parties. Outdoor living is one of the many perks of the warm summer weather, but to enjoy it as best as possible, using your outdoor space to its full potential is necessary. There are many features homeowners can add to their outdoor space to make it an enjoyable sanctuary for friends and family during the spring and summer months, including fire pits, water features and pools. Below are some tips to transom your outdoor space so it’s used to its full potential.

Fire Pit

A fire pit can technically be used all year, but during the summer, lighting up the fire pit and roasting s’mores with the family on a cool summer night is one of the season’s biggest pleasures. There’s nothing better after a long, hot summer day than relaxing by a cozy fire while the air cools down. However, there are many different types of fire pits to build, with an infinite amount of designs to choose from. Contact Center Island Contracting to chat with one of our designers about the fire pit that’s best for your home.


Pools are typically the focal point of any outdoor space during summer, and investing in a pool for your outdoor space will absolutely allow you to use the space to your full potential. There are many benefits to installing a pool, such as increasing your property value and adding some daily exercise into your summer routine. One thing is for sure – if you have small children, they will love you for it!

Water Features

Just like fire pits, there are endless design possibilities for water features in your outdoor space. From whimsical water fountains to ponds and stone wall water falls, homeowners can decide which water feature will fit in with the rest of the outdoor space so that it’s used to its full design potential. Water features are a great addition to outside entertaining areas, providing a calming and tranquil feature for guests to ogle over.

Grill/Bar Area

Outside grill and bar areas have become somewhat of a necessity for those looking for new homes in recent years. Many homeowners are looking for full outdoor kitchens with countertops for food prep, sinks, islands and stainless steel grills. If your outdoor space has a grill/bar area with these deluxe amenities, you’re surely using the space to its full potential.


Pergolas can be used all year, but they will get a lot more use during the summer months when you need a break from the glaring sun. Pergolas can be customized to fit any outdoor space, and come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be used as an accent to an existing structure in your outdoor space, providing shade and shelter to furniture or appliances underneath it.


Landscape design is a nice touch to outdoor spaces, making the space much more aesthetically pleasing. A finished landscape design can take your outdoor space up a few notches. For resale value, a nicely landscaped backyard will be more appealing to potential homeowners.

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