Winter Energy Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

The combination of colder weather, outside Christmas lights and a generously lit Christmas tree makes winter a poor time for energy saving. However, there are ways to save on energy during the holiday season, which also translates into saving money. The following are energy saving tips that help us all to be energy efficient during a critical time of year for trying to save energy.

LED Christmas Lights

LED lights use considerably less energy than standard lights, so switching out your Christmas lights to LED will significantly help save energy and money. To learn more about Center Island Contracting’s installation and conversions of LED lighting systems, contact us today.

Get a Timer for the Lights

Some lights come with a built-in timer, which makes it easy to turn the lights off at night. If you don’t plan on replacing your lights, simply set a timer that reminds you to turn off your lights manually before you go to bed. This will prevent you from using energy for no reason while everyone’s asleep and not paying attention to the Christmas lights anyway.

Turn Down the Heat When Guests Come Over

Body heat! When having get-togethers with friends and family, turn the thermostat down a bit and save energy that way. When a lot of people are crammed into a house or apartment, it gets warmer inside automatically and the thermostat doesn’t need to be set as high.

Bake More Than One Dish at a Time

To save energy, bake those holiday desserts or dinners all at once. The same amount of energy is used if the oven is half empty or completely full, so don’t waste energy by using the oven at separate times for separate dishes.

Turn Off Lights When Christmas Tree is Lit

When the tree is lit, the lights that normally provide the room’s light are pointless. With the exception of needing extra light for reading or other activities, the Christmas tree should provide enough light for you to get around the room.

For more information about how to make your home more energy efficient, contact our licensed general contractors today at 631-465-9765. The professional general contractor team at Center Island Contracting has many years of experience in making homes more energy efficient.