When It’s Time to Knock Down and Start Over

Determining when to knock down your home and start over instead of relocating or remodeling will depend on many factors, however it’s important to keep in mind some critical components of this decision. Not only is knocking down and starting over more cost-effective, it also allows you to get the house of your dreams with no compromise.

Perhaps you’ve already established your roots in the community and your family loves the quiet street your home is located on but you’re simply outgrowing the house or feel it’s time for some upgrades. If you love the location but need a complete overhaul in terms of size and design, it’s time to knock down and start over. Nevertheless, the decision isn’t an easy one.

Below are signs that your property needs a demolition, not just a renovation, which will hopefully make the decision easier on you.

Structural Issues

Our experts at Center Island Contracting can determine whether the structural issues within your home are extensive enough that it’s time to knock down and start over with a new construction. From cracks in the foundation to mold issues, roof issues or any other severe issues with your home’s structure, structural issues will be a deciding factor to renovate or tear down.

No Emotional Attachment

If your home is outdated and the layout is so inconvenient for your family that you no longer have any emotional attachment to the house, that is a definite sign it’s time to knock down and start over. If you can no longer stand the sight of the materials or floor plan, it’s time to start fresh.

Not Historically Significant

Some homes have historical significance, which can prevent homeowners from tearing down. There could be legal implications if torn down or it might raise an uproar if the home is a landmark in the community. However, if your house has no historical significance and it’s just old, you’re free to knock it down and build from scratch.

Floor Level Changes Not Fixable

Some layout changes are just not fixable, which would help you arrive at the decision to knock down instead of remodeling. If the only way you can get the floor layout the way you want it is to demolish your house and start over, your decision is already made.

Ceilings are Too Low

Going along the same lines as floor level changes, ceilings being too low can make this important decision for you as well. When the ceilings need an expansion, the structure of the home need to be altered so greatly that it might just make sense to start over. For example, you’re not just raising the ceilings, you will also be replacing wiring, plumbing, and HVAC.

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