What to Renovate Before Moving In

There’s often a debate on whether you should renovate your new home before moving into it, and there are valid arguments for each side. The main component to figure out if your family is renovating before moving in is having a place to stay during the renovation. If you do, we recommend the following renovations be made prior to moving in to your new house. Why not take advantage of doing a renovation with the open space available, instead of risking damaging your furniture? It’s also much less stressful to be removed from the renovation environment, not to mention it speeds up the process since contractors don’t need to work around your family’s living schedule. Moving is stressful enough, do as much as you can before moving in so that you can settle in quicker and start enjoying your new home just the way you like it.

If you’re planning a floor remodel for your new house, it’s better to do it while you’re not living there. Whether you’re installing new flooring or refinishing the existing flooring, these kind of projects include a lot of dirt and debris. If the flooring renovation project is completed by the time you move in, you won’t have to worry about moving your bulky furniture around to accommodate the renovation.

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most common renovation projects homeowners take on when first buying their new homes. After all, we all like our kitchens to reflect our own unique taste and style. Popular renovation projects for the kitchen include switching out the countertops, new appliances, fixtures and hardware, as well as refinishing or installing new cabinets. Imagine living in your new house while all these projects are going on?

Bathrooms are another common renovation project for new homeowners. A bathroom renovation is less intrusive than a kitchen remodel but it’s still better to get it out of the way before moving your family in, especially if you’re doing more than just cosmetic work, like plumbing.

Repair or Replace Any Hazards
Perhaps the most important renovation project to undertake before moving in is to repair or replace any safety hazards, such as broken roofs and windows, or fix any HVAC systems, plumbing or electrical hazards.

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