Using Lighting to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Oasis

Lighting can completely transform the ambiance of any space, but there’s something magical about installing lighting to your outdoor space. Take advantage of the high quality lighting available today, as well as energy efficient LED lighting options, by consulting an experienced professional like Center Island Contracting to fulfill the vision you have for your outdoor oasis. Our skilled professionals can perform installing and conversions in several ways in both commercial LED lighting and residential projects. Ask us today about a design and install plan for the perfect outdoor lighting set-up for your home. Below are some design ideas for using lighting to brighten up your outdoor space.

Weather Resistant Features

In order to withstand harsh weather elements, find high quality weather resistant lighting features that work well within your design plan. Especially if you live by the ocean, incorporating weather resistant features is a good precautionary measure.

LED Lighting

Using LED lighting is not only a good way to lower your electric bill, but they also don’t have any toxic chemicals and will outlast traditional lighting. If you’re mindful of being as energy efficient and green as possible when it comes to your home, using LED lighting is the way to go.

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point to highlight your landscaping, columns, accent pieces or art will make for a practical yet enchanting lighting design for your outdoor space.

Light a Path to a Secret Garden

Just like we read in fairytale books as children, highlighting a path to a secret garden oasis in your outdoor space is an excellent use of light outside. Light up the walkway as a prelude to what’s to come, which will surely impress your guests.

Tree Lighting

Modern lighting design yields some impressive results. It doesn’t need to be Christmas for your trees to be lit. Ask your lighting professional about dancing light on a tree top or a lighting design to spotlight shrubs.

Make Your Walkway Glow

Install an ambient glow that lines your walkway for a magical addition to your outdoor lighting design. This design transforms your space to eliminate darkness, replacing it with a tranquil ambiance. For more information about Center Island Contracting’s services  call us at (631) 465-9765

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