Upgrades for Your Home Office in East Northport

Home offices need a few key design features to be as efficient as possible. Your home office should provide inspiration, solitude and spark your creative juices. Due to the amount of time spent in the office, sometimes eight or more hours a day, it should also be as comfortable as possible.

If you’re part of the thousands of workforce members forced to work from home indefinitely, full-time or on a hybrid schedule, remodeling your home office to make it more suitable for that much use might be on your radar. As premiere contractors on Long Island, we can help you turn your home office from uninspiring to a functional, productive space to work.

Below are some home office upgrades to consider when your current space is no longer serving you.

Lighting Upgrades

Investing in the right lighting will boost productivity and create an environment more conducive to working from home. Think of the time spent in your home office at all hours of the day. Home office lighting upgrade examples include desk lamps, ambient lighting and eliminating glare.

Larger Computer Monitor

Instead of working on a small laptop monitor all day, consider investing in a larger computer monitor for your home office. Seeing your emails and work tasks more clearly can help you focus, and it will also prevent your neck from crouching downwards to look at your laptop screen for hours at a time.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are known to boost moods and contribute to better health by purifying the air. Find some indoor plants to adorn your home office for both decorative and health purposes.

Natural Light

Upgrading your lighting is always a good idea but finding a room with the most natural light possible is ideal. Sitting under a bright, sunny window will make you feel much better about sitting at the same desk, in the same chair for that many hours.

Ergonomic Chair

The right ergonomic chair will provide support and comfort, saving your back from hours slouched over a bad desk chair. Look for a chair that can be adjusted for your height so that you’re getting optimal support out of it.

Smart Features

Smart features like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant will save you valuable time and help you stay on top of your work schedule. Set reminders throughout the day for meetings, to-dos and deadlines and your smart assistant will remind you.

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