Top Reasons to Work with Custom Home Builders

To some, building a custom home might sound like a time-consuming, expensive and daunting task to take on. When it comes to moving into a new home, teaming up with a custom home builder is actually the most streamlined and seamless approach. The key is to work with a reputable firm like Center Island Contracting, with many years of experience and excellent awards and reviews to back it up.

The idea of living in a brand new home designed to your personal style and taste is not that far-fetched when enlisting the help of a custom home builder that has your best interest in mind.

Below are top reasons to work with a custom home builder to achieve your dream home.


When working with a custom home builder, the quality is unmatched. Quality of materials, level of expertise and professionalism are just a few examples of the quality brought to your new home construction project when working with Center Island Contracting.

Your Choices

One of the most desirable aspects of a custom home builder is that everything is your choice, from start to finish. From budget to design to location, it’s your home and your choices that make the home building process so attractive. When buying a pre-owned house, if you want to change something about a design choice the previous owners made, you have to pay for it to be renovated. When building new, every choice is up to you from the start.


One-stop-shopping with Center Island Contracting’s Design/Build firm is one of the best parts of the overall custom home building process. Enjoy a streamlined approach to your new home with one team of professionals that have the same goal, to provide creative solutions from beginning to end.


Location is the most important part of your new home, everything else we can change. When working with a custom builder, you can choose the location of your home instead of having to settle with the location of a home you’re buying.

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