Tips to Make Small Gardens Work for Your Small Outdoor Space

Everyone loves an outdoor oasis, so whether you have a spacious piece of property or a small outdoor space in the city, it’s important to create a sustainable and low maintenance garden. When you’re creating a small garden, however, there are design concepts to live by to make it just as attractive as a large garden while pulling double duty in being both visually pleasing and helping the environment.


Creating a path will make your small garden space more inviting, giving a separation between the plants and flowers and the functional walking space. Stepping stones will help the space aesthetically, as well as building a birdbath. In order to enjoy the space with a nice book or chat with a friend, place a bench somewhere within the garden.


The colors of flowers make the most out of your outdoor space, especially in the months they’re blooming. These colors are pleasing to the eye and they can add a lot of substance to your garden. Planting the flowers in clumps is a great garden trick, which will organize the space but also gives pollinators a chance for easy access. Be mindful of planting flowers that bloom all year round, that way you can always enjoy the vibrant colors.

Simplicity is key

In order to not overwhelm the small space, keep the flower varieties at a minimum. It’s best to choose a grass or sedge – which will give winter animals shelter – and anywhere from 10 to 12 of plant species to plant in your small garden. The grass also provides birds with food like insects and nesting material.

Vertical Garden Tower

With the lack of space, a vertical garden tower can help make way for more square footage of garden space. The vertical tower can house edibles like lettuce, radishes and basil, considering their small root systems. The top of the tower can also serve as a tool to catch rainwater.

At Center Island Contracting, our landscape designers can provide you with a variety of landscape designs to choose from, so you can get the backyard of your dreams. No matter how big or small the space may be, our landscape design specialists will sit down and discuss what you envision for your space and we will help you create the perfect oasis for your family.

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