Tips to Get your Garage Ready for Another Long Island Winter

It’s nearing that time of year again to prepare for another winter on Long Island, which means getting a head start on prepping your garage for the cold weather. Garages keep our belongings safe and sound from the harsh weather, but it’s necessary to run down a checklist each fall to ensure there’s nothing standing in its way from doing its job. Taking care of your garage will protect your property from harsh winter conditions and keep it running smoothly all winter long. Follow the following tips before the first frost to winterize your home for yet another cold and blistery Long Island winter.

Structural Problems

Inspect your garage for any structural issues that could let critters inside. If you come across any holes or compromises to the perimeter, seal them right away. Structural problems like lack of insulation could also cost you more money this winter season on electric bills, so take the necessary steps to insulate your walls before the cold arrives.

Garage Door

Check for any potential issues with the garage door before the first snowfall to avoid having to get it fixed in the middle of a snow storm. Lubricate any metal parts such as tracks, springs and door opener rollers to guarantee they will run smoothly this winter.

Inspect Windows

Windows are another aspect of the garage to inspect before winter arrives. If your garage has windows, double check that they’re locked and closed all the way so nothing can get inside the garage that might pose a threat. It’s important that the garage windows are sealed tightly to keep the heat in and the cold weather out, so inspect for any cracking on the weatherstripping.

Winter Tools

Your winter tools like shovels and ice scrapers will be of no use if they’re not working properly, so make sure ahead of time that they’re in good shape for when you need to use them. If you need to replace any, it’s best to do it beforehand.

Snow Blower

Just like the non-motorized winter tools, electric tools like the snow blower should be checked before the winter comes to make sure they’re working properly. Before you need it to clean the driveway and walkways after the first snow storm, add fuel and change the oil.

Stow Away Summer Items

Say goodbye to summer items like surfboards or kayaks that will only take up space and get in the way of the winter tools you need this season. Organize your summer items by installing some shelving in your garage, which gets them out of the way and maximizes the space in your garage for the items you actually need.

Electric Outlets

Check that your electric outlets are working before winter comes with a voltage tester or run the risk of finding out when it’s too late. In addition, insulate your outlets to keep the cold weather outside where it belongs.

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