Tips for Saving Energy on Long Island

Saving energy should be every homeowner’s objective all year round, but especially during the summer months when you’re A/C is working overtime to cool the house. Being conscious of conserving energy has many benefits, including saving money on energy bills and helping contribute to a cleaner environment. Regain control of energy usage in your household with these energy-saving tips.

Switch to LED Lighting

Reap the same benefits as traditional lighting with added benefits like using less energy and lowering your electric bill by switching to LED lighting. Center Island Contracting can perform installing and conversions in several ways in both commercial LED lighting and residential projects. We can change your existing lighting to LED or we can install LED lighting systems in your new build.

Shorter Showers

Saving water goes hand-in-hand with saving energy, so reduce your shower time by just a few minutes per day to save a considerable amount of water per year. Opt for showers instead of baths to save even more water, and invest in an energy efficient shower head for lower water bills.

Programmable Thermostat

Buying a programmable thermostat and using it the right way will save energy and lower your electric bill each year, mainly because it will prevent the system from running when you don’t need it. While no one’s home, energy being used to cool the house will go to waste. The same goes for the winter months; the heat shouldn’t be cranked up when you’re not even home to feel it.

Air Dry Clothes

Instead of using up energy by using your dryer, consider air drying your clothes. If the time the clothes takes to dry is a problem, plan ahead. Cutting back on using your dryer usage can help lower your electric bill and conserve energy. Just a couple of loads a month without the dryer can make a difference.

Hand Wash Dishes

The same concept goes for hand washing dishes. Instead of using the dishwasher a few times a week, consider putting the extra time in to hand wash or air dry your dishes by using a drying rack instead of using the dishwasher every time.

Wash Clothes with Cold Water

Use the cold water cycle when washing clothes, since the majority of the energy used during washing cycles goes to heating water. Using cold water is also better for the longevity of your clothes, so they will last longer. Who knew contributing to reducing your carbon imprint can be as easy as switching to the cold water cycle?

Seal Air Leaks

Ensure proper sealing and caulking all throughout your home to block the air from escaping. Check the pipes, vents and connections to make sure there are no cracks, which are contributing to wasted energy by allowing cold air or heat to leave the house.


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