Tips for Outdoor Living Space Design

Winter might just be getting started, but it’s likely most of us are dreaming about warmer days. Whether you have a large backyard or a small deck to work with, outdoor living is an important aspect of home life, making the warmer months much more enjoyable.

Outdoor living has become a lifestyle, which is why outdoor living space remodel projects have become so popular. Make your outdoor space as inviting as can be by hiring our design-build firm to transform your outdoor living space into an outdoor oasis for you to enjoy anytime you please. Host dinner parties or enjoy a quiet chat with your spouse in your newly remodeled outdoor living space.

Below are tips for outdoor living space design to consider before you get started.

Ample Seating

Even if working with a small space, ample seating is a must. Use couches, benches and chairs to create enough seating for guests to feel comfortable.  The more seating available, the more time you will likely spend entertaining in your outdoor living space.


Fires tend to bring people together and they make an excellent space for intimacy. Whether it’s a full-fledged fireplace or a small firepit, adding a source of fire to your outdoor living space can make it feel cozier and more inviting.

Accessible to Inside

Creating an easy flow between indoors and your outdoor living space offers a retrieve from outdoors to indoors if necessary. We can design sliding doors, floor to ceiling glass doors or any design that works best with your space to create a traffic zone that easily connects indoor and outdoor living.

Separate Each Zone

Each section of your outdoor living space needs a defined zone, just the same as inside the house. Each zone should be separated so that they each have a distinct purpose, such as the kitchen area, dining area and lounge area. Create borders with a single step, shrubs or simply lay down rugs to define each specific zone.


Every outdoor space needs shelter, whether it comes from a gazebo, pergola or awning, in order to protect from outdoor elements like rain or direct sunlight.

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