Tips for an Adequately Lit Kitchen in Huntington

The kitchen should be an inviting, well-lit area that enhances the room’s features and makes it feel more open. Proper lighting makes a huge difference in your kitchen, taking it from dull and dingy to bright and appealing. One ceiling light fixture simply isn’t enough to enhance your kitchen. Homeowners need to layer different types of lighting to achieve a visual ambiance. Fixtures like task lights, undercabinet lights, pendants and wall sconces should all work together to achieve an adequately lit kitchen that will warm up the room and contribute to the home’s overall interior design. Below are kitchen lighting tips to add to your new construction or kitchen remodel.

Undercabinet Lights

Undercabinet lights will give your kitchen a glow and provide adequate lighting to workspaces in order to safely prepare your meals. Strategically placing lighting underneath your cabinets will ensure your countertops are bright enough to cook, cut and prep in a well-lit environment.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is perfect for breakfast nooks, above kitchen islands, tables or prep areas. Pendant lights look stylish in twos or threes in place of an outdated chandelier. Not only will pendant lights add style to your overall kitchen design, they also provide enough light for functionality.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting should work in conjunction with your existing kitchen lighting features to provide balance and function, filling in the areas that your other light fixtures haven’t lit. Recessed lights take up the least amount of space, so they’re easy to use for minimal clutter. Recessed lights can be used to light up the entire kitchen or used as task lighting as needed.

Accent Lights

Accent lights can be used to emphasize certain design elements of your kitchen, such as shelves with artwork on them or china cabinets showcasing family heirlooms. Using accent lights are more prevalent in modern kitchens and ensure some of your favorite design features are highlighted.

Track Lights

Track lighting has undergone a major upgrade in recent years, transforming into a sleek and versatile way to light up your living space. Track lights offer flexibility as well, considering homeowners can install them to any kitchen work area that needs to be brightened.

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