CIC was a most welcomed surprised. I needed to do an extension for my parents and it always is a scary thing to look for an honest, caring responsible contractor. Unfortunately, there are too many unprofessional, incompetent contractors around. CIC was nothing but professional, to the point no sugar coating, confident in their work, and his office wonderful to work with during a scary process. Caleb and his workers were incredible. They worked all through the winter and their hours were never 8-3pm when putting on the roof and it was going to snow they stayed until 5:30-6 pm to finish what they needed to protect the site. Caleb sent me an e-mail practically every day to let me know what was done and what needed to be completed. As well as, what I needed to be responsible for. There work speaks volumes the inspectors were in and out with no comments except perfect. I would not give them 5 stars unless they were outstanding. They also helped me with other simple projects which I had not completed and needed to finish. There price was the BEST out of 3 estimates I obtained. You will not be disappointed.


Mariela N. – Sea Cliff, NY