Spotlight: Center Island Contracting’s Handyman Services

The busier our everyday lives get between work, kids, social commitments and extracurriculars, it seems the less time we have to focus on projects around the house. With a professional and reliable local handyman, you can take care of all those small home repairs and toss your to-do list out the window. By utilizing Center Island Contracting’s Handyman Services, you have one less thing to worry about on your busy schedule.

With the little free time you do have, don’t waste it on endless chores and a mile-high to-do list when our experienced local handyman division can take care of all your needs.Our comprehensive Handyman Services are expansive and cover just about anything you need done around the house!

Whether you are looking for someone to help with a plumbing problem, seasonal upkeep, improvement ideas, repair help, organizational tips or simply to put in new light fixtures, fix a hole in the wall or stabilize a new shelving unit, our local handyman division will match a professional handyman to accomplish your needs efficiently so you don’t have to stress about it.

Perhaps it takes you twice as long to accomplish a task a skilled handyman can do quickly and efficiently. Or maybe you’re going out of town for an extended period of time and need a handyman to do regular maintenance on your home while you’re not there. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on Center Island Contracting’s Handyman Services to get any job, small or large, done for you.

Someone from our qualified local handyman team can assist in accomplishing even the smallest task. With a reliable professional handyman from the best home builders and remodelers in New York, you can rest assured that even your smallest repairs will be done right. Employees available throughout Long Island; email us or call (516) 481-4707.