Should You Live in Your New Home Before Remodeling?

After buying a fixer upper that needs to be remodeled, should you move in before remodeling or live in the house first? It comes down to a personal choice and there are advantages to each.

Renovating Before Moving In

Allow your family to move right into the home of your dreams, without a renovation project looming overhead. For those who have lived through a home renovation while living in the house, know what a nuisance it can be and might advise against it. Below are the pros and cons to renovating before moving in.

Pros to living at home during a remodel:

Move into your home and start enjoying it right away. This option means less disruption on your life, as long as you have somewhere comfortable to stay while the renovations were underway. If you already know what renovations you definitively want, there’s no reason to wait. If the home is vacant, it’s an easier process and might shorten the timeline.

Cons to Living Away From Home During a Remodel:

Living in a temporary home isn’t always the most ideal situation. Your family might also be eager to move into your new house and waiting to move in will take some patience.

Moving In and Waiting to Renovate

Many people will advise you to wait at least a few months before living in your new home to start renovations to get a feel for the space and see what really needs renovating. But there are pros and cons to this choice as well, which we have outlined below.


Your ideas on how to renovate your home might change after getting a true feel for it, which can only be achieved by living in it. It might save you thousands of dollars to live in it and decide what you truly want to do with the home before rushing do renovations.


Living in a construction zone can disrupt your life and daily routine once renovations are underway. Additionally, you have the anxiety of a major renovation on the horizon during the waiting period, which can be stressful.

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