Remodeling with Aging-Related Needs in Garden City

If you or a loved one are remodeling to age in place, hiring a reputable contractor like the experts at Center Island Contracting will ensure you’re providing the safest and most functional environment to do so. Aging in place has become popular amongst many adults whose children have moved out of the house and have families of their own. To accommodate the needs of aging in place, however, certain layout designs must be considered to make it a more comfortable transition. The following are home remodel ideas to consider if you or a family member is undergoing a remodel to age in place.


One-story homes are best suited for aging in place, eliminating the need to travel up and down the stairs or needing to install an expensive stair glide. Having access to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom without having to travel to a different story of the house is ideal for seniors with limited mobility.

Safe Entryway

The entryway is an area of the house to consider when remodeling to age in place, because it has to be safe to maneuver in and out of. Consider a no-step entryway where the outside of the home is level with the interior entryway so it’s safe to come and go. Another idea is a covered entry to protect from weather conditions.

Bathroom Updates

The bathrooms, especially the master, will need changes to accommodate an aging senior. Walk-in tubs, built-in shower seats, grab bars in the shower and slip-resistant flooring are all great additions for those who are more prone to falls. Bathroom safety should be high on the priority list for an aging in place home remodel.

Ramps and Stairways

Although a single-story layout is ideal for aging in place, homes with existing stairways need a few tweaks. Handrails should be installed, as well as step grips to prevent falling up or down the stairs. To become wheelchair accessible, ramps will need to be installed in certain areas of the house.

Widened Doors

To accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, consider remodeling to widen doors. Widened doors can also be useful to accommodate two people walking through at a time, for those who need assistance with walking. Trust the experts at Center Island Contracting to deal with the structural issues associated with widening doorways.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting throughout the house, especially in hallways or stairways, is a must when it comes to remodeling to age in place. Vision loss is common amongst seniors, and a well-lit house is important. Installing enough lighting is a good start but adding windows or skylights for natural light will also help.

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