Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho

Tips for Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho

Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho, Long Island is an exciting experience! There is always so much to do before moving day. But, before you even pack your first box, consider this advice offered by our general contractor professionals. Since there may be some home improvement projects you are considering before you completely move in, these suggestions are sure to make relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho, Long Island a breeze!

Paint: Now is the time to paint your home. A fresh coat of paint will make your new home feel even cleaner. Also, it is easier to paint an empty room, than to paint a room that has furniture in it already.

Replace Flooring: One of the many challenges to remodeling & relocating is replacing existing flooring. Whether you are putting down tile, laminate, or even just refinishing hardwood floors, it is important that you do not walk on the new flooring until the flooring and subflooring have had a chance to adhere. By not rushing the resurfacing process of replacing flooring, you are less likely to experience air pockets and uneven flooring problems.

Electrical: Before moving to a new home, allow a general contractor and a licensed electrician to evaluate your electrical wiring for optimal efficiency. Sometimes rewiring a home’s electrical system can require exposing walls, which can create hazardous living conditions.

Plumbing: Plumbing is another major consideration before moving to a new home. A plumbing renovation may require cutting into walls and flooring, which can make your move a little more of a headache. Be sure you discuss your new home’s plumbing with a plumber or general contractor before relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho.

Center Island Contracting’s general contractor professionals have assisted many families with their home improvement projects, whether they are relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho or any other nearby area. For more information on making your move easier, please call Center Island Contracting at 631-465-9766.