Open Floor Plans: Why One-Story Homes are Desirable

It’s hard to find a new construction home without an open floor plan these days. This blog will explore the reasons why an open floor plan, in addition to having a one-story home, can provide a list of advantages for homeowners, especially if homeowners want to live in the home for the remainder of their lives. Are you looking for help with a new home building project or a home remodeling job? Our knowledgeable and talented team of construction professionals can provide you with all the services you need to complete your project.

Age in Place

If your retirement plan includes staying in the home you’re currently in, it would be wise for it to be a one-story home. Fewer stairs gives the advantage of moving around the house easier, with less risk of an accident as you get older. With all living spaces on one level, getting from room to room is easier to navigate.

Young Families

One story homes with open floor plans are also ideal for families with young children. Just as stairs can be difficult to navigate, or in some cases a hazard for the elderly, young children and infants are easier to take care of when there are no staircases to block off or worry about accidents.

Roomy Kitchen Space

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and entertaining is much more fun with a spacious kitchen. An open floor plan will make it convenient to cook and serve dinner all in one place, as opposed to having a floor plan that separates the kitchen from the dining room. Cooking can be a fun activity and your guests can get in on the fun if they’re able to participate.

Easier Maintenance

Picture trying to access the exterior of your home’s second floor to clean or fix something. That should be enough to make the case for a single story or ranch style home. Maintenance will be easier on the interior as well, when everything is all in one place.


A one-story floor plan will allow for easier additions – if there’s enough property to expand on. For example, if the lot has a big enough backyard, simply expand the indoor/outdoor living space by adding on a deck or sunroom without having to rearrange the existing structure.

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