Mother/Daughter Home Conversions Create More Space with Two Separate Living Areas

Home conversions from a single family home to a mother/daughter home might be exactly what your family needs to reduce the cost of living or provide support for an aging parent.

Mother/daughter conversions can create two separate living spaces, complete with two separate entrances, for independence and privacy. Most floor plans are not suitable for mother/daughter living, so leave it up to the experts at Center Island Contracting to undergo a transformative home conversion that will create two separate living areas for your family.

Since there are many people who aren’t familiar with a mother/daughter home, simply put it’s a home that has separate living areas; two bathrooms, two bedrooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, etc. The extended family might live under the same roof, but it feels as if they’re in two houses in close proximity to each other. Should one member of the family need the other for an emergency, like for example an elderly parent falling, the other family members can quickly rush to be of assistance.

Mother/daughter homes are not to be confused with a duplex or a single family home with an in-law suite. A mother/daughter conversion provides completely separate living quarters for the family. There are many types of families that could benefit from a mother/daughter home – as well as many different types of set-ups for this type of living.

For example, the most common type of mother/daughter home is that of an aging parent with their adult child and their family. This type of mother/daughter home gives dignity to the aging parent, giving them their own space to call their own, but access to plenty of help from their adult children. In addition, another family that would benefit from a mother/daughter conversion is a son or daughter who has just graduated from college and isn’t quite ready to purchase or rent a living space of their own. Although they’re technically still under the same roof of their parents, they get a separate living space to live their life independently.

Regardless of your family’s unique needs, Center Island Contracting believes your mother/daughter conversion should satisfy all family members’ needs and style. Our design experts can create two separate spaces for the two separate personalities or families living in them, all while keeping a certain cohesion that brings the mother/daughter home together.

Our qualified professionals can assist you in your mother/daughter conversion or remodeling project on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. Choose the best on Long Island with Center Island Contracting Inc. and email us or call (516) 481-4707.