Long Island Curb Appeal Tips: 6 Ways to Update the Home Exterior

Curb appeal is a high priority item for most homeowners, and many architects and home designers will agree the home exterior is just as important as the interior. Updates to siding, windows and doors, for example, can make for a great first impression. Our qualified staff has years of experience handling home siding, exterior door installation and home window installation, so don’t risk your family’s safety and your investment in your home by hiring amateurs.

Landscape design is another home exterior update for homeowners who want to boost their curb appeal, which can emphasize a wide variety of features or characteristics of your yard, such as your annual and perennial gardens, patio landscape design.

Below are six ways to update your home exterior to step up your curb appeal and become the house on the block all the neighbors envy.

Siding, Windows and Doors

As previously mentioned, replacing siding, windows or doors can make your home look shiny and new. If the budget allows, have all three done and watch your home exterior transform. Dated siding, windows or doors can make the entire structure look dated, even if the interior is brand new.

Landscape Design

Arguably, landscape design (or lack thereof) can make or break curb appeal. Talk to our landscape design specialists about creating a landscape design plan that fits with your home’s exterior structure, so it looks like a harmonious marriage between house and yard, and not a rush job.

Exterior Paint

A fresh paint job can go a long way, kicking up your curb appeal a few notches. New exterior paint will give you the most value for your money. Painting the exterior a different color can boost curb appeal even further, but only if you weren’t quite happy with the original color.


It’s all in the details! Depending on your budget, small details like updating hardware, mailboxes, house numbers, lighting fixtures or other decorative finishes might be the best option for your home exterior makeover.

Clean-Up Overhaul

Sometimes a clean-up overhaul is necessary. Mowing the lawn, power washing, trimming, touch-up paint to fences or walkways, etc. are all part of a good clean-up overhaul. The exterior should always look clean and inviting, so maintenance is important.


There are plenty of updates to the exterior that can add charm, such as window boxes with plants holding vibrant flowers, or a charming rocking chair. These updates can add warmth to your entryway, which is the first thing guests see upon walking into your home.

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