Long Island Laundry Room Ideas to Bring an Otherwise Boring Task to Life

If you’re undergoing a home renovation or starting a new construction, an updated and modern laundry room might be an idea to toy with. While laundry isn’t always the most exciting household task, a well-planned out laundry room can make it much more bearable. By creating design elements with a purpose in your new laundry room, you’re setting yourself up to make doing laundry anything but a boring task! The following are some ideas to bring life to doing laundry again – with the help of some design tips.

Choose Calming Colors

Creating a serene and relaxing environment can help take the stress away while washing and folding what can sometimes seem like endless amounts of laundry. Colors like shades of blue or grey, or soft pastels will do the trick.

Pull-Out Hampers

Make your life easier by installing a pull-out hamper that blends into the cabinetry. It’s more practical to keep a hamper in your master bedroom or closet, but if you bring too many clothes into the laundry room, use this pull-out hamper as a storage bin for the next load.

Counter Space

Plenty of counter space is a must in a laundry room. Not only will you need it for folding space, but you might want to use that space as a work station to occupy your time in between laundry loads. Create a multi-functional space in your new laundry room.


We’ll always take extra storage space when we can get it! Incorporate some extra cabinet space for storage, or better yet create some exposed shelves for all your laundry products for easy access when doing laundry.

Pet Washing/Rinse Off Station

While you’re cleaning the clothes, why not clean your pet? Include a small shower in your new laundry room and give the dog a bath in the room dedicated to cleanliness. If the laundry room is in close proximity to a side or back entrance to your home, you can wash the mud or dirt off your pet right away so they don’t truck it through the house.

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