How Kitchen Peninsulas Can Provide the Functionality Your Kitchen Needs

If your kitchen is limited on space, there are still ways to incorporate an island-like area for extra counterspace, storage or seating. If you’re so limited on space that you can’t fit a skinny island, look no further than a petite peninsula. The difference between a skinny island and a peninsula is that an island is four-sided and can be free-standing while a peninsula is three-sided and attached to a wall. Although a peninsula doesn’t provide as much design flexibility as an island, it’s practical and functional. Below are the ways a peninsula gives function to even the smallest kitchen spaces. Center Island Contracting’s qualified professional kitchen remodeling team can assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams.


Your petite peninsula can serve as a barrier between guests and whoever is cooking or preparing cocktails in the kitchen. The barrier the peninsula creates gives the chef their own boxed off area to cook and prep, without having to worry about bumping into anyone.

More Appliances

Another added benefit of installing a peninsula is being able to house more appliances, such as a beverage fridge at the base of the peninsula. By creating a cabinet next to the fridge to store bar accessories and glassware, you’re creating a special entertaining nook that will come in handy more often than you think.

Extra Seating

The extra counterspace will create an extra area for seating. Though it will seat a limited amount of people, probably just one or two, it’s still an alternative seating space. For extra leg room, ditch the base part of the peninsula and just use the top counter.


Installing cabinets at the base of your petite peninsula will help organize your kitchen items and provide more room to store them. Perhaps store kids’ stem and glassware so they can find it themselves – at their own height.

Prep Work

Having more counterspace means more room for prep work. This is especially helpful when more than one person is cooking in a small kitchen.

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