Insulated Siding

Insulated Siding Helps Energy Efficiency

Insulated siding, when compared to traditional siding, is a far greater investment for your home. Not only does insulated siding offer the same great curb appeal, it also offers added value and energy efficiency to your home. Here are just some of the great reasons why insulated siding for the exterior of your home is your wisest investment.

Return on Investment – Insulated vinyl siding can yield on average an 80% return on your original investment just on energy efficiency alone.

Energy Efficiency – Insulated siding for home exteriors usually rates very high on the energy efficiency scale, depending on siding manufacturer. Be sure to explore available options with your general contractor.

Weather Resistance – Insulated siding can handle virtually all types of weather including high temperatures, extreme seasonal weather changes and strong winds.

Maintenance Requirements – Maintenance is relatively low with insulated vinyl siding. Your general contractor can review all warranty agreements with you, based on the siding you choose.

Durability – This exterior siding will not rot or become damaged from water, mold, insects or long-term sun exposure. This only reinforces the fact that insulated siding is a wise investment.

Curb Appeal – Insulated siding not only features long-lasting durability and offers energy efficiency, it also looks attractive. In fact, insulated siding adds value to your home strictly in aesthetics alone.

Easy Installation – With the help of a general contractor, your insulated siding will be up in no time!

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