How to Take Care of Your Pets During a Babylon Home Remodel

Living through a home remodel can be challenging for the whole family and a daily adjustment for a brief period of time. While we know there will be some sacrifices that need to be made during our daily routines during a home remodel, we not only have ourselves to think about, but our beloved pets as well.

While your home is under construction, let’s explore ways to make sure our pets are happy and safe. As pet owners, the most important factor to consider during a home remodel is that we will need some extra patience and flexibility during this time. Below are more tips on how to take care of pets during your Long Island home remodel.

Make Introductions

Introducing your pet to the Center Island Contracting staff will familiarize your pet with the people who will be there working each day. They won’t be in the work areas while our contractors are working, but familiarizing with their voices will make the process easier on everyone.

Use Pet Crates

If your pet uses a crate, now might be a good time to use it. Crating your pet will keep them safe so they don’t wander into the construction zone and injure themselves. If crating your pet isn’t feasible, make sure they’re in a safe and confined area away from construction.

Create a Safe Zone

Creating a safe zone for your pet with plenty of water and treats will help keep them away from the hazards of construction and give you peace of mind that they’re comfortable and safe. Create a safe zone by setting up a temporary room in the house that is theirs only for the remainder of the home remodel project.

Bring Them with You

Now is the time to bring your pet with you on the go if your pet is mobile. This tip is especially great for dogs, who love to be outside with their owners. Get outdoors more, bring your dog to work with you, or take them to the dog park a little more often during the duration of your home remodel to get them out of the house and away from the construction site.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is always a good route to go, whether it’s a dog walker or a pet sitter. If you’re away during the day at the office, this pet professional will take good care of your pet so that they aren’t left alone in one room of the house all day.

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